Symbolic Poverty

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    Symbolic Poverty

    Abstract: The article tries to pinpoint a collective complex unconsciously affecting all people belonging to the Western cultural sphere. The capacity to relate symbolically with life has become lost. Symbolic poverty implicates a serious deficiency of spiritual relatedness. The lack thereof is being compensated with many strange preconceptions, partly deriving from everyday indoctrination. Most conspicuous is the inability to accept suffering, and the reluctance of enduring it. Western man is losing his capacity of relating symbolically to the dark side of existence, by way of ritual conceptions. Against this, a new attitude toward evil and the destructive forces is proposed. The article hopes to challenge the reader's preconceptions, many of which have been drunk in with the mother's milk.

    Keywords: suffering, evil, symbol, ritual, welfare state, Earth-Mother, Chuang-tzu.

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    Mats Winther

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