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    Having just read The Bell Jar and had an interest in Sylvia Plath to begin with, I guess I was a little predisposed to like this movie, but it still surprised me how good it was.

    It's about the author Sylvia Plath, who lived from 1932 to 1963, when she killed herself by sticking her head in her oven. She hardly wrote anything, but what she did write was pretty amazing.

    I liked the fact that the movie actually gave a lot of time to her writing, which most movies about writers hardly ever do. I also liked that they didn't try to sugarcoat the fact that she killed herself and left behind two very young children. While they do chalk a lot of her problems up to mental illness, they don't try to offer easy answers to the many negative aspects of her life. Pretty good movie overall. I'd forgotten how good an actress Gwineth Paltrow is, too.

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