switched at birth

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    on a one way cul-de-sac
    PEMBROKE —As a child growing up in New Zealand, Fred George always felt out of place. He had light hair; the rest of his family was dark. He was shy, when other family members were confident and rambunctious.

    It wasn’t until George was 57, decades after moving from New Zealand to the South Shore, that he understood why he was so different from his siblings. He had been switched at birth.

    SWITCHED AT BIRTH: Pembroke man discovers mixup with his family at age 57 - Quincy, MA - The Patriot Ledger

    Churchman had always believed he was raised in the wrong home, and when George visited New Zealand in 2002, the two got blood tests. The DNA results confirmed the switch.

    Helen Churchman is the only one of the four parents still living.

    In a phone interview from New Zealand, Helen Churchman, 88, says she’s lucky to have Fred George and Jim Churchman in her life.

    “It was an unusual thing to happen,” she said. “But … it’s fine. I’ve got two sons now. ... It’s lovely for Fred to be part of our family.”

    sounds like a really nice lady.

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