Switch in time saves 9

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    With the looming SCOTUS nail-biting decision on the President’s health-care legislation, I am reminded of a similar situation FDR faced which resulted in “a switch in time saves 9“. Court-packing would be difficult now, but after the looming elections, it might be better.

    FDR also was often thwarted by SCOTUS. Many of his “New Deal” programs were declared unconstitutional by SOTUS. Unlike Obama, FDR had much support in Congress.
    His reaction to this thwarting was to get a bill through Congress to “pack” the court with 12 justices.

    The size of SCOTUS is not in the Constitution, but can be altered by federal law.
    The Supreme Court’s Justices got the message and wanted to retain the 9 justice court,
    so they started declaring FDR’s anti-Depression programs Constitutional. Thus FDR halted his plans. Thus comes the phrase, “a switch in time saves 9“.

    The switch in time that saved nine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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