Swift Co fined in 2001 for screening illegal alien employees

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Little-Acorn, Dec 14, 2006.

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    I couldn't believe this when I first heard it yesterday. In 2000-2001, Swift was sued by the Fed govt for "unfairly" checking its potential employees to see if they were illegal aliens. One of the things they were doing, was paying more attention to people who spoke only Spanish, or who "looked foreign", and checking the backgrounds of those folks before checking everyone else's. Swift settled out of court, and wound up paying a fine of 1/5 million to the Federal government.

    Today they're getting their @sses kicked by that same Federal government, in massive raids through six states, for hiring illegal aliens.

    Only in America...!


    http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,236044,00.html (scroll down)


    "Current law limits an employer's ability to scrutinize the background and identity of new hires, and — as Swift learned first-hand — employers can, in fact, be punished for probing too deeply into applicants' backgrounds," the company said.

    That was in reference to the 2000 complaint filed by the Justice Department's Special Counsel for Unfair Immigration-Related Employment Practices that alleged Swift engaged in a "pattern and practice" of document-based discrimination against job applicants. The department sought civil damages of $2.5 million.

    The Justice Department said Swift's Worthington, Minn., plant engaged in discrimination and unfair practices when hiring U.S. citizens and lawful immigrant workers who were believed to look or sound "foreign." Justice claimed those individuals were more heavily scrutinized than others during the employment process.

    After two years, Swift settled the claim for about $200,000.
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    This is one reason I'm the tiniest bit hesitant over harsh employer punishment. They're getting mixed signals on this. On the one side are the white-haters who want to crack the skull of anyone who questions the Holy Hispanic, and on the other side are the reformers who are just now getting some traction.

    So when they say "punish the employers," I agree to a point.

    The best solution would be to allow employers to not hire Hispanics at all.

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