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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Salvatore, Oct 31, 2011.

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    When U.S.A. would calm down? Seems that those guys give no peace to the half of the world. And another half has been trying hard to find favour in the eyes of the Big Brother for preventing any conflicts with him. Turkey has got already a great trouble. Washington sponsors Turkish most vicious enemy - Kurds. But recently those lads have become impudent and uncontrolled. So soon USA is going to withdraw its forces from Iraqi territory giving Kurds up to sort out their problems alone. So suddenly those Kurd zealots understood that they would be left without such strong backing. Now those valiant geek guerillas commit numerous diversions in Turkey coming from Iraqi mountain territory. Of course they're seeking any pretext to make US forces staying in Iraq. Without them Kurds would be eliminated at once for all their neighbours are very angry with them and their US masters.
    All in all Americans are their usual self. They use terror groups for control of persons they need to be obedient (like Erdogan for instance). But when their living 'tools' stop to respond Americans betray them and get rid of them at once. Nothing uncommon, nothing new at all. But somehow everything is very, very nasty, and disgusting, and sad. The world hadn't become any good :(

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