Super Bowl Paranoia

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    I live only fifteen minutes from downtown and hope I can get as far away as possible tomorrow. I would not attend such a huge event with tens of millions of people watching live on T.V. and hundred thousand people in town attending. This is a huge forum for anyone who wishes to make a statement. Security is tight they say. Why are they not using the standards that are required to fly? The TSA sure the heck are not doing the screening. Are planes the only vehicle for terrorism?
    I will be watching very closely who is NOT in attendance. The teams that are playing is even creepy. The Giants and the Patriots. To cause harm to the giant and its patriots would be almost poetic in a twisted way. I tend to get paranoid when I am almost positive that any well planned attack could be achieved when there is no means of securing such a large event. I hope Monday morning you can all call me names and such as it will be well worth it. I pray in in my own way that no harm befalls any innocent people celebrating a game that unites people from all backgrounds and transcends any affiliations except the teams you may be supporting of course. Well let me get my inhaler and take my clonazepam, yeh it is like that for real. Hope everyone that watches that sport enjoys the game and has a great time as it is a well earned distraction from an otherwise hectic world. Best to you and yours.
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