Super Bowl: Gambit-Xeno Diorama [Melania-TV?]

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    This is a sports-culture fable inspired by Super Bowl 52 and the film Chariots of Fire.

    It's a pro-capitalism tale, which is why I didn't post it in the Writing section (lest readers think I'm some kind of Captain America nut!).

    Signing off,


    A very handsome humanoid alien from Venus named Gambit visited Earth to watch Super Bowl 52 between the Goliath-like New England Patriots and the season-darling underdog-aspiring Philadelphia Eagles. Gambit knew that if Tom Brady's Patriots kept winning Super Bowls, there would be an 'unrighteous monopoly' in the NFL owned by the Patriots. However, the Eagles were not guaranteed to ride the wave of their delightful season and automatically win Super Bowl 52, especially since they were playing with their backup-QB after their starting-QB was injured. Gambit figured all of this in for his evaluation of this 'media-festivale' regarding humanity's love of televised sports and particularly the Super Bowl. Gambit strapped himself in as an optimistic anthropologist, fascinated by all the 'consumerism-confetti' of 'TrumpUSA.'


    Unfortunately, Gambit was not the only alien-visitor to want to enjoy Super Bowl 52, because a terrifying super-intelligent predatory alien (a 7-foot tall insectisoid-dragon like 'creature') called 'Xeno' also wanted to watch the momentous NFL game in 2018. The Xeno possessed corrosive acid for blood, which it sprayed from its both to melt down metal...or adversaries. Gambit, on the other hand, threw laser-charged playing-cards which cut through materials; the Xeno was much more of a 'mayhem artist.' Xeno wanted to see if the Brady's Patriots could garner its whopping 6th Super Bowl title in the new millennium so all kinds of considerations regarding 'domination-aesthetics' in media/marketing could be espoused.


    Fortunately, the Philadelphia Eagles managed to complete their 'darling season' and overcome Brady's Patriots by a score of 41-33, even though they played with their backup-QB (who was the real hero). Now, there would be less chatter about domination-aesthetics, since the Goliath-like Patriots were toppled. This was only the 3rd Super Bowl loss for Tom Brady, even though the Patriots appeared in a total of 8 Super Bowl games and managed to win 5 in this new millennium. Gambit felt relieved that consumerism and sports-marketing/media and merchandising would feel more 'democratic' now that more underdog teams would be 'inspired' by the Eagles' sensational victory. The Xeno was furious about this development.


    GAMBIT: It seems the Eagles have created democratic chatter!
    XENO: You're reveling in the fact that the Patriots were toppled.
    GAMBIT: There shouldn't be domination in sports; laurels should be dispersed.
    XENO: Tom Brady was becoming a 'god.'
    GAMBIT: Well, the Eagles swooped in to offer some needed humility.
    XENO: Never underestimate competition/ambition, Gambit.
    GAMBIT: I understand that capitalism is all about fortune-hunting on Earth!
    XENO: The Gulf War (Iraq-America) was petroleum-based.
    GAMBIT: Yes, and next season football fans want more 'Eagles-Patriots intrigue.'
    XENO: The paradox of competitiveness is that it's a 'bottomless pit.'
    GAMBIT: When I defeated you in field-combat with my laser-cards, you were mad.
    XENO: Every competitive game has a loser, and I'm less sportsmanlike than you.
    GAMBIT: So you concede that etiquette is important in both sports and war!
    XENO: This does not 'guarantee' that capitalism on Earth creates fair-play.
    GAMBIT: Piracy will always exist, but games like the Super Bowl encourage democracy.
    XENO: I'm not a big fan of Hollywood sports-culture films such as Jerry Maguire.
    GAMBIT: Let's imagine that U.S. First Lady Melania Trump hosts her own jewelry-show.
    XENO: Yes, she sells fancy diamond-watches on QVC or something...
    GAMBIT: We can call it 'Melania-TV' and it would complement American marketing flair.
    XENO: In a consumerism-society such as America, fashion is rhetoric.
    GAMBIT: Do you think the Eagles gambled with alternative plays with their backup-QB?
    XENO: No one doubts the Eagles found that necessary, since the Patriots are machine-like!
    GAMBIT: So what would 'Melania-TV' offer us about 'Eagles-Patriots jewelry/fineries'?
    XENO: 'Psychology' imprints onto American labyrinth-intrigue programs (e.g., Miami Vice).


    Gambit and Xeno agreed that the Philadelphia Eagles' awesome victory in Super Bowl 52 over the otherwise-dominating New England Patriots would create intriguing new avenues for merchandising/marketing in consumerism-centric America and capitalism-oriented Earth. Gambit and Xeno wondered if kids would start purchasing color-matching green-and-silver toy water-guns to create mock-fights between the Eagles and Patriots (similar to Fantasy Football). Xeno acknowledged how competitiveness created a fancy perspective on games in general and that maybe consumerism/capitalism could benefit (since shopping fueled human economies). Gambit and Xeno continued to disagree, however, about the 'quality' of media and marketing in competitive capitalism on Earth and wondered if their evaluation was complete even if it did not produce any concrete conclusions regarding the 'endless allure' of competitive games.


    Gambit decided to leave a secret anonymous note with Belgian politicians in Brussels. The note regarded the emerging geopolitical capitalism role of the European Union and why Belgium might consider endorsing marketing-oriented political media-friendly social initiatives such as 'Melania-TV' home-shopping programs accessible to both Americans and Europeans. Gambit wrote in his note that such 'marketing-idealism' would only enhance the media-confetti surrounding competition-celebrations such as Super Bowl 52. Gambit also advised Belgium to create substantive trade-customs with capitalism-focused America and media-patterned 'TrumpUSA.'


    Gambit returned to Venus, and Xeno returned to his creature-planet LG-246. They both agreed to drink some champagne to celebrate the inspired Eagles' victory in Super Bowl 52. Gambit conceded to Xeno that Tom Brady was like a 'god' to humanity, but he insisted that the Xeno consider why the Eagles' cool triumph would mean more democratic/rational marketing for consumerism-consciousness. Perhaps the Eagles 'gambled' for their playing-strategy for the Super Bowl; perhaps Brady's Patriots were too much like 'monotonous machines' to make NFL-domination feel 'youthful.' Nevertheless, what was clear was that capitalism (and hence sports-culture!) was a 'tower of intelligence.'



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