Super Bowl 52 (Eagles/Patriots): Ares/Cyclonus [Media Day]

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    This is a media-symbolic exchange between Ares (Greek god of war and diplomat of Utopia) and Cyclonus (wolfish first-knight robot from Hasbro's Transformers franchise and diplomat of Purgatory) regarding the civilization-euphoria of Super Bowl LII/52 (Eagles/Patriots) marketing-ledgers.

    Will TrumpUSA be remembered as a 'beacon' of media doctoring?



    ARES: Super Bowl LII/52 (Patriots/Eagles) altered sports-marketing.
    CYCLONUS: Yes, people celebrated Philadelphia cheesesteaks!
    ARES: Yes, until then, everyone loved New England clam chowder...
    CYCLONUS: The upstart Eagles shocked the Goliath-like Patriots.
    ARES: Backup-quarterback Nick Foles (Eagles) upstaged Tom Brady (Patriots).
    CYCLONUS: Everyone thought Brady's Patriots were fated to win their 6th title!
    ARES: Brady won 5 Super Bowls all in the new millennium...
    CYCLONUS: Brady launched out of the shadow of Patriots-quarterback Drew Bledsoe.
    ARES: Drew Bledsoe was thought to be the new Dan Marino but faded...
    CYCLONUS: Marino/Bledsoe never won a Super Bowl ring!
    ARES: Suddenly, Tom Brady was the new Terry Bradshaw or Joe Montana.
    CYCLONUS: And Drew Bledsoe was simply a humbled star-athlete...
    ARES: Media-marketing for American football changed because of Brady.
    CYCLONUS: Now, Foles' Eagles threw a proverbial monkey-wrench at Brady!
    ARES: Brady had lost to Eli Manning's New York Giants in 2 Super Bowls.
    CYCLONUS: Those were Brady's only 2 Super Bowl losses...
    ARES: Eli Manning, the younger brother of Peyton Manning, was a hero.
    CYCLONUS: Yet, Brady's Patriots marched onto more glories.
    ARES: Yes, he won 2 more Super Bowls (against the Panthers/Falcons).
    CYCLONUS: Now, in Super Bowl LII/52, Foles' Eagles created another shock.
    ARES: The Eagles avenged their loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX/39!
    CYCLONUS: Yes, in Super Bowl 39 [2005], Brady's Patriots downed the Eagles 24-21!
    ARES: Now that the upstart Eagles have avenged their loss to Brady, things have changed.
    CYCLONUS: How will people enjoy the sports-culture film Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise)?
    ARES: Drew Bledsoe makes a fun cameo in that Tom Cruise film...
    CYCLONUS: Americans will say, "Foles' Eagles avenged Brady's triumph in 2005!"
    ARES: Maybe there will be a special football 'Media Day' for Foles' Eagles...
    CYCLONUS: Super Bowl LII/52 will be likened to Super Bowl III/3 [1969].
    ARES: In that Super Bow, Joe Namath's Jets upset Johnny Unitas's Baltimore Colts.
    CYCLONUS: However, Nick Foles is not star-caliber like Namath...
    ARES: Yet, a Super Bowl LII/52 'Media Day' for Foles' Eagles is still landmark!
    CYCLONUS: Isn't it funny how sports alters society etiquette?
    ARES: Because sports represents competition-customs, people think of virtue.
    CYCLONUS: What's so virtuous about Foles' Eagles stunning Brady's Patriots?
    ARES: It seems to be a matter of 'media diarism.'

    After Ares (god of war) and Cyclonus (wolfish first-knight robot diplomat of piracy) evaluated the media symbolism of Super Bowl LII/52 [2018], they agreed that Nick Foles' upstart Eagles' stunning 41-33 victory over the Goliath-like Tom Brady's Patriots revealed the civilization value of media-thrills in sports-marketing. Because Brady had only lost to Eli Manning's NY Giants in Super Bowl games, Foles' avenging victory over the Patriots in a Super Bowl game reminds sports fans that no professional football titan (even Tom Brady!) was immune from defeat. Ares returned to Acropolis (kingdom of mythological paradise) and Cyclonus returned to Cybertron (his home-planet of A.I. robots), content that they'd evaluated properly the social symbolism of a 'media-rich sports-event' [Super Bowl LII]. Ares/Cyclonus thought that 'TrumpUSA' (with its flowery-focus on media/consumerism ornaments) had boasted a true pageant in Nick Foles' thrilling 2017-2018 Philadelphia Eagles. Who said media/consumerism couldn't be so 'social-drumlined'?




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