Sub : give me history & details how my Rs.200 spend less than 2 weeks time

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    Sub : give me history & details how my Rs.200 spend less than 2 weeks time which I load my cell 0333-2335818 & when I de-activated all packages visiting CUSTOMERS CENTRE than why still activated?

    Dear Sir

    In reply of my request how I Rs.200 spend which I wrote Letter Ref No. AS/0036/MISC/12 dated Jun 7, 2012 more shame to U-fone first give reply than your query will be replied 24 to 48 hrs but take more than 1 week? This is new method of cheating practice and Irk the consumers not timing attending the complain?

    I asked to give me history but u-fone using negative tactics and un-necessary delay first replying me and not give proper history as I desired? Why not PTA use exercise and asked from U-fone or awaiting only as a silent observer nothing else.

    Furthermore shame on u-fone if all package I have de-activated when visited U-fone customer centre than why you happy and false way charging me to earn more and more?

    1. Call charges to help line Rs.50 charged for 3 months
    2. Visit customer centre charged Rs.50 for 3 months
    3. Use self care option charged Rs.60
    ( all above charges are un-authorize why I strong protest and condemn till my entire amount get back)

    Packages de-activated
    When package de-activated ( earlier I had not give request ) but utmost good faith and believe visit your customer centre and asked to de-activated all packages which perhaps included in charges by U-fone wishes

    a. Double No Services charges Rs.8.37 weekly
    b. Karachi Offer per day charges Rs.5.38
    c. Job Portal charges Rs.5.98 weekly

    What reasons still active and I have to bear the charges? Any special reasons for selecting me to first cheat and give countless worries and torture?
    Perhaps pain to first give reply on timely basis but more happy to give sms to promote your packages and get loans (which u-fone never forget at any circumstances)

    My request to PTA stop this wrong practice adopt by u-fone on cheating and charging more which facility not requested or de-activated, Silence of PTA is a big question mark? And giving more pain and hurting even U-fone cheating practice.

    Give me history of each Rupee what I spend? Do not adopt cheating practice? I do not like u-fone and Hate millions times the reasons behind freely cheating practice and PTA not performing its duty?

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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