Stupid GOP Tea Party Can't Do Business! Loans Are Back!

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    So the Conservative Mantra has returned to the concept that the only business being done in America is sorting mail, registering vehicles, reading tax forms, and visiting France.

    Actually, private sector lending is on the reported increase!
    Remainder of story HERE

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    So now into the Obama-Biden Administration, Bankers actually now see profits in banking.

    Then maybe even they will leave for France, Yet Again!

    Which does raise the subject of the efficacy of nationalization, after all! One way or another, they go: And to the the South of it.

    Mainly, apparently, Las Vegas is somehow seen as being bad for business in America! The West Wing has this subtle way, of making itself known to the liberals.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (GOP now have more Property. . . .under water. . . .like Neptune Society(?) Many nations now into Casino business. Know about GOP homeowners: Now mainly Schvartzik! Party of Lincoln set that up(?)! Plan of Great Spirit, of them all!)
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