Strategic Vision - Pennsylvania Polling - March 16-18

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    Below are the poll results based on telephone interviews with 1200 likely voters in Pennsylvania, aged 18+, and conducted March 16-18, 2007. The margin of sampling error is ±3 percentage points.

    1. Do you approve or disapprove of President Bush's overall job performance?
    Approve 29%
    Disapprove 62%
    Undecided 9%

    2. Do you approve or disapprove of President Bush's handling of the economy?
    Approve 27%
    Disapprove 64%
    Undecided 9%

    3. Do you approve or disapprove of President Bush's handling of the war in Iraq?
    Approve 23%
    Disapprove 67%
    Undecided 10%

    4. Do you approve or disapprove of President Bush's handling of the war on terrorism?
    Approve 47%
    Disapprove 40%
    Undecided 13%

    5. Do you view President Bush as a conservative in the mode of Ronald Reagan? (Republicans Only)
    Yes 6%
    No 69%
    Undecided 22%

    6. Do you believe that the United States is doing everything possible militarily to win the war in Iraq?
    Yes 23%
    No 8%
    Undecided 19%

    7. Would you support Congress denying the funding to send additional troops to Iraq?
    Support 45%
    Oppose 49%
    Undecided 6%

    8. Do you believe that Democrats in Congress have a better plan to resolve the Iraq War?
    Yes 22%
    No 62%
    Undecided 16%

    9. Would you like to see the United States withdraw all troops immediately from Iraq within the next six months?
    Yes 46%
    No 42%
    Undecided 12%

    10. There have been news reports about White House involvement in the firings of 8 federal prosecutors. Do you think these firings were politically motivated or not?
    Were Politically Motivated 56%
    Were Not Politically Motivated 31%
    Undecided 13%

    11. Democrats want to subpoena White House aides and question them under oath concerning the firings of the eight federal prosecutors. Do you think Democrats are pursuing this issue out of concern for policy or to embarrass the Bush Administration?
    Concern For Policy 27%
    Embarrass The Bush Administration 59%
    Undecided 14%

    12. Do you think Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should resign over the issue of the firings, or not?
    Should Resign 44%
    Should Not Resign 42%
    Undecided 14%

    13. Do you approve or disapprove of Governor Ed Rendell's job performance?
    Approve 53%
    Disapprove 38%
    Undecided 9%

    14. Do you approve or disapprove of United States Senator Arlen Specter's job performance?
    Approve 52%
    Disapprove 36%
    Undecided 12%

    15. Do you approve or disapprove of United States Senator Bob Casey's job performance?
    Approve 47%
    Disapprove 30%
    Undecided 23%

    16. Who is your choice for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008? (Republicans only)
    Rudy Giuliani 45%
    John McCain 20%
    Newt Gingrich 7%
    Mitt Romney 5%
    Sam Brownback 3%
    Tom Tancredo 2%
    Mike Huckabee 1%
    Tommy Thomspon 1%
    Jim Gilmore 1%
    Duncan Hunter 1%
    Ron Paul 1%
    Chuck Hagel 1%
    Undecided 12%

    17. Who is your choice for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008? (Democrats only)
    Hillary Clinton 35%
    Barack Obama 25%
    John Edwards 13%
    Joseph Biden 3%
    Bill Richardson 2%
    Wesley Clark 2%
    Christopher Dodd 1%
    Dennis Kucinich 1%
    Undecided 18%
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