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    The conservatives on this board will enjoy reading Bill Sammon’s new book entitled Strategery (pronouned struh-TEE-jer-ee and chosen as the title of this book because it was SNL’s take-off on the way President Bush pronounced the word “strategy”).

    The book deals largely (but not all) with the 2004 presidential campaign and gives numerous examples of how the Kerry campaign, the DNC and the MSM worked together as a tightly knit unit to defeat President Bush. The chapter on CBS, Dan Rather and “Memogate” is hilarious. I enjoyed it so much I read it twice and couldn’t help thinking what a great TV movie this story—told like it really happened—would make. Of course, that will never happen, considering that Hollywood is Liberal Land with an extreme hatred for GWB.

    I also enjoyed the account of how Osama Bin Laden tried to interject himself into the 2004 campaign. Reading again Bin Laden’s exact words was very revealing as to how up-to-date OSB is on everything that goes on politically in the U.S. I would imagine that OSB has far more knowledge of what is going on in America politically than 80% of ordinary Americans.

    Sammon’s recounting of the false Newsweek story of how American soldiers in Gitmo flushed a Koran down the toilet was also very revealing as to what links the libs will go to try to publicly humiliate the Bush Administration. The publication of this story caused an uproar in the Arab world, 15 people died as a result of riots, and many more were injured. In the end, the story was proven to be false, and Newsweek was forced to recant—but very, very reluctantly. The liberal press continued to act as if the story was true even though the person who had given the story to Newsweek could not back up his story with any proof when the military challenged it and things got a bit hot. (Shades of Dan Rather and CBS!)

    There are so many behind-the-scene parallels in how the Koran story, Abu Ghraib and “Memogate” all got published, and yet the MSM insists that they are the real providers of “responsible” journalism. You will get a kick out of Dan Rather’s quote about CBS: “CBS News has a culture, has a history—that for those of us who work here, it is very real—that we see it as a sort of magical, mystical, kingdom of journalistic knights.” Magical, mystical, knights?? Yep, it sounds just like a work of fiction to me.

    You can always predict with certainly that when the MSM’s big “exposes” are exposed as blatantly false, rather than accepting responsibility and recanting their false stories willingly, they try to find a way to imply that in some way, somehow, the Republicans/White House were behind these fables and were purposely trying to discredit the MSM. So much for their estimate of the intelligence of the American people. They are, you know, the “intellectual elites”, after all.

    Even James Carville--in his own sly way--gives this book a thumbs up: “Bill Sammon has some of the best sources within the Bush campaign of anyone. His book contains a treasure trove of insight into how Bush won the 2004 election.” (Not to mention the fact that the “Bushies” couldn’t have gotten better help than was provided by the Democrat’s own candidate, John Kerry.)

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