"Stimulus In The Microwave," by Q3 Clunkers

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    One or another car dealers are waiting for their money, but $1.0 bil. in just one week--plus any financing--is a mid-year goose that was ready! Someone apparently: Finally found a shovel, in Washington, D. C.

    Senate Democrats, Feinstein and Schumer, + GOP Collins, and House Democrats Israel, Inslee, Lee, and Moore--not only found Republicans to go along, but a federal department seems to have been able to even get some stimulus money out the door--without holding any of it (back)--or at one or another, government levels.

    CNBC commentators already claim that it's not real money, or economy at all. These are no doubt an educated people--who will have nothing to do with any of the proceeds(?). "Cash for Dilapidated" housing was considered an alternative of "What will they try to do next?" Already the gears are beginning to turn.

    Cash for Clunkers is clearly a stimulus incentive, at the lower income levels: That clearly made sense, and seems to have to have worked. Rather than claim to be in recession, there is mainly shown to be a cash-free market, unable to even get rid of junk cars--except for this last week. As noted already--nobody seems to want to say so, so it is clearly time for nobody to bring this up!

    Anyone has to guess that the Ivy League is major embarrassed, and what with a colored family sleeping in the cabin upstairs--over yonder.

    Others may want to concede that the so-called, "Ship of State:" Has finally made some sense--To Believe In. Suddenly it is reasonable to keep an occasional car dealership, actually open and running: And even In America(?)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Odd how they seem to be able to figure out now how to do something properly--in our Post-Reagan-Bush, and Bush-Bush Environment. It actually looks more like compare and contrast--in a manner of speaking! Jews and Blacks--and even Barking Smurfs(?)! Who would have guessed it?)
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