Stimulating Bailouts UnHealthy

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Lumpy 1, Oct 22, 2010.

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    I just thought you might like to read something you suspected anyway...The bailouts seem to be the ones that make voters the most hot and bothered but Obamacare and the stimulus aren't far behind...


    Incumbents, beware: The major votes you’ve cast in Congress over the past couple years appear likely to come back to haunt you this Election Day.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that most Likely Voters think their representative in Congress does not deserve reelection if he or she voted for the national health care law, the auto bailouts or the $787-billion economic stimulus plan. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

    Those votes also appear to be driving factors in the GOP’s consistent lead over Democrats on the Generic Congressional Ballot. Most strong supporters of President Obama believe those who voted for the measures should be reelected. Even more of those who Strongly Oppose the president disagree.

    Forty-three percent (43%) of all Likely Voters say someone who voted for the health care law deserves to be reelected. Fifty percent (50%) oppose their reelection.

    Thirty-six percent (36%) say if their local representative voted for the taxpayer bailouts of General Motors and Chrysler, he or she deserves to be returned to Congress. Fifty-three percent (53%) say that person does not deserve reelection.

    Similarly, 41% say their representative in Congress should be reelected if he or she voted for the stimulus plan. But 50% don’t see it that way and say the individual should not be reelected.

    The partisan divide is predictable since virtually no congressional Republicans voted for any of these measures. So Democratic voters overwhelmingly think those in Congress who voted for them should be reelected, while Republicans feel just as strongly that they should not be reelected.

    Most Voters Oppose the Reelection of Anyone Who Voted for the Health Care Law, Auto Bailouts, Stimulus Plan - Rasmussen Reports
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    I suspect we'll see more GOP win more state governorships.

    Which is actually kind of funny given that most states do not allow deficiet spending, so the voters will be punishing those governors who are basically unable to provide the services that they expect from their state.

    And cutting social services which is exactly what most Republicans say they want EXCEPT when those services are something they expect.

    From an historian's POV it is mighty interesting to be able to watch from the sidelines as my society goes completely mad.

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