Still feel the effects of Truman's War

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    Costitutional scholars are still arguing whether Harry Truman had the right to send Combat Troops to Korea without consulting Congress and military experts are still arguing (or not) about the leadership (or lack of it) The media called Korea the "Forgotton War" but it certainly was covered and it was never forgotton. The use of the peculiar term "forgotton war" might be a veiled apology by the media for not being critical of government policies that turned victory in less than a year into a Truce in three years at the cost of 38,000 Americans killed in combat on the peninsula and 10,000 other members of the Military killed or died during the conflict outside the combat zone. Today we still have Troops in Korea after more than a half century and the A.P. is even calling for "reunification" (whatever that means) now that the tyrant leader of NK is dead.

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