Stewart owns LaDon - again

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    Jon Stewart On Donald Trump Debate: 'Thank You Jesus!' (VIDEO)

    As always, hysterically funny. Worth watching just for this line -
    "... a circus peanut wearing a badger ..."

    Just imagine ... If Newt is actually elected, Trump will have a straight shot to the White House. Sobering thought, huh? I mean, its all fun and games until a pair of egotistical idiot s are in power.

    Anyway, watching Newt and Trump together, one hopes Trump will give the Pillsbury D'oh Boy some pointers on hair and makeup.

    Trump has copied that orange look that Boehner has made so famous. Very striking with the cheesy comb-over (or rather, comb forward and them over and then back and then spray until its concrete) and white around the eyes.
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