Stereotype Update: Pelosi-Jews are smart People or No Special Education Dept. Needed

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Neotrotsky, Jul 28, 2012.

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    In recent days, we have heard of our Most Great Leader, Papa Obama,
    pursuing another great gov't program to layer on top of all the other great
    gov't programs to advance the black youth.

    Granted this is a "No Need Whites Apply" program,
    but it is necessary to make judgments on race to teach our greater Progressive goal to not make judgments based on race.

    But thanks in no small part to Pelosi and her continuing efforts to promote diversity and group identity to better serve the collective,
    she has reaffirmed the stereotype for us in her reference to Jewish people:

    This is good for us to know; since we can now save money by not having to give them
    a Special Education Dep't.

    However, in this same article she states about Republican Jews:

    "... they’re being exploited. And they’re smart people."

    I am concerned comrades. If they are that smart then how can they be exploited?
    Perhaps we will need some type of reeducation for these "kind" of Jews
    who do not fit our definition of what a Jew should be...

    This kind of difference can not be tolerated in the promotion of Progressive diversity.

    No doubt a Jewish Republican-American Education Office
    will be put into the works as soon as possible
    Since they are "good" with money, these "smart" Jews will figure out
    a way for us to pay for it ...
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