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    Obviously there are issues and obstacles....

    the point of this is perhaps we could discuss the both...

    in spiritual aspects as well as physical

    point being... *I* would not trade my step father in for any that I've yet witnessed to be so

    He was an amazing man that gave my mother what she needed during the time she needed to recover from my father, however, that being said, she continually needs to recover from being the supposed romantic rival she thinks me to be for his attentions.

    What of this for America's marriages? For American's Psychologists? Teachers? Preachers? Direct communicationalist? Granted all the readings *I* do will not deliver those I love most from themselves.

    what are the thoughts of the board? *hearts* I was always 'told' pretty is as pretty does. eh, yea, and my door is still obviously out of line with house alignment.
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    Hi Melissa: This message is a bit more clear than the other one.

    In general, I find that
    * paternal relationships bring up issues with
    conscience, perceptions of control in relationships, authority etc.
    * maternal relationships bring up issues with
    communication with others

    * romantic relationships trigger the paternal issues
    to come up because perhaps karma is carried through
    that side of the family?
    * family relationships trigger the maternal issues
    to come up because the mother being connected to all the kids
    and communicating unconsciously/nonverbally before verbal skills are developed from that

    I find these patterns reflect in institutions (such as church as the mother figure
    and state as the father figure) and in collective society.

    if we resolve our local relations and make peace with one another,
    especially those close to us who pose the most challenge/emotional conflicts,
    then we can make peace worldwide.

    Melissa, do you find this pattern applies to your relationships?
    * that issues of perception/control/authority come up in "paternal" and "romantic" relationships
    * that issues of communication come up in "maternal" and "family" relationships
    So anything we carry over and don't resolve from the past with these relationships,
    will resurface and repeat in other relationships until we do resolve them!

    Does any of this ring true with you and your experiences in life?

    Thanks, Melissa

    I see that you relate to concepts and relations on a very highly abstract level, speaking in very general terms,
    but perhaps more people can follow your points when you give "concrete examples" of what you mean.
    I can try to connect your "concrete examples" with the "general points" you are making or presenting for discussion,
    but if I misinterpret and make an error, I hope you will please correct and clarify what point you were trying to exemplify.
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