Stealing Elections

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Adam's Apple, Nov 3, 2004.

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    For all you political junkies who participate on this board, I highly recommend that you read the book Stealing Elections by John Fund. Less than 200 pages, it is very easy to read and boils this problem down to its “basics” with great research and examples. Fund’s treatment of what happened in Florida in 2000 is probably the best you will read on this topic. This book helps people come to the conclusion that enough is enough of dirty politics and gives you great data to use in petitioning your state legislators and national representatives (if interested) to take action to end election fraud. This is a problem that can be solved if our elected representatives set their minds to it. I suspect that many legislators have already read this book and will be receptive to receiving their constituents' thoughts on this national problem.

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