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Discussion in 'Announcements and Feedback' started by tnfzpaul, Oct 4, 2004.

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    Hi all, I just wanted to say that you all have an awesome board here! Infact, I tried to get in on the politics as good as I could the other night. Looks like you have a great bunch of people over here!

    The night I came, I don't think I could have had a better greeting in my whole life from Jan and San, and from the rest of you that greated me.

    I am proud to go back to my board and tell all about this site, I hope that new blood comes from my board and many others to this board.

    Jan, San, Love the pics! Hey, use anything you can to get new members, I try to use different tactitcs too! I know you you were both being from the heart at welcoming me and posting on my board, I think your post on my board are completly acceptable, I believe in fun and good times, as well as strict politics debate and lively and heated discussion.

    I invite you all to our board, as I will push the people at my board to visit you all. I believe this is but only one way for both boards to benefit!

    Jimmy, awesome thing you have going here, and awesome people.
    Don't ever thing for a minute that you have the only board that has issues, we have our share, trust me....and ya know, it would not be home with out those memories, or those things happening on your board or mine!

    Cheers to you !


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