State Department Calming Even Turning To Occupy Wall Street Anniversary(?)!

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    Australia famously reacted to its own riots subsequent the YouTube Film clip incidents. "If you are going to behave like violent extremists, then you should expect to be treated like violent extremists!"

    The Romney campaign had taken a different approach: Citing Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Assembly as honorable U. S. tradition that State Department officials ought to treasure, instead of lamenting the appearance of the film clip.

    So there is the Romney-Ryan version of prayer, assembly, and church. Even Moslem Egypt was able to counter the Romney-Ryan version, not a Moslem interpretation. . . .either.

    Egypt Clears Protesters After Deadly Mideast Clashes -

    In California, not only did the film-clip author report in to the police: The entire household left the California compound, just today. No one sees any of what happened like Romney-Ryan saw it happening!

    U. S. State Department did not allege a trove of "Weapons of Mass Destruction," in Mongolia. Republicans can go further into absurdity--anyone recalls--than just doing the Romney-Ryan routine on the matter. Prince Harry became an object of Afghan Affection, as is usual for the locale. No one from France appears to have photographed the attack on the base, or the attire(?) of the Royal's brigade, even! Anyone notices that the new generation royals do not appear to celebrate the concept of a closet" with hangars, and whatnot, at all.

    International Diplomacy--not at all like the Romney-Ryan approach: Has taken on its true role under Western Democratic leadership, however, and of Presidential leadership, instead. The White House had nothing to say about the. . . .attire(?). . .of the Prince. . .at the affair. The dead were acknowleged as is customary and diplomatic. . . .Except when it comes to RNC discussing Afghanistan.

    Possibly more people were at "Occupy Wall Street" anniversary demonstrations than were at film-clip demontrations, all day today--and including the numbers attending said film clip protests last week. People from the '60's recall how a tiny few can create a good ratings review for network news.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Great Warriors of Luseno Nation hoping for bigger turnouts at Pechanga Casino, even! World peace is at hand!)
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