Spears Spears Never had a Licence..All This Time??

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Creek_George, Sep 21, 2007.

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    I almost fell off my chair...

    We've all seen Brtiney pumping gas...driving with her baby on her lap etc.

    Now she does a hit & run...and only cares about her vehicle.

    It makes me sick..that she's seems to be an American Icon...and it was quoted "After assessing the damage to her own car only, she was shown on paparazzi video walking away."..according to AP Network.

    This will now be another stupid example...and those that support this dumb bald headed woman..Will say,along with herself that she didn't know any better.

    Was not she just pulled over for speeding some weeks back?

    Sad to see that poor Paris Hilton had to go to jail...and Britney all this time never had a licence from the start??

    It "F"ing crazy......Britney..Paris..and Lohan..Add up all there IQ's together..and they'd still be stupid,and the world is captivated by them.

    A California License has NEVER been issued to this dingle-berry.

    Anyways..I never talk about her..and avoid giving her any kind of attention...She's got enough publicity.

    I guess my captivation with her..was a video of her,being interviewed if she supported the Iraq War decision...some years back..She came across as a 9 year year old...with faith in our president.

    The stupid thing about this interview..and her opinions/beliefs...Is who would be stupid enough to interview her about Iraq?..I could never figure that out.


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