Southern Genies

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    A man was walking down a Florida beach when he kicked a small metal lamp, he picked it up and as he was cleaning it for a better look, there was a puff of smoke and two Genies appeared.

    As he spoke to them it became clear that these were no Middle Eastern Genies but both spoke with rural Southern accents.
    The man was given, and made, three wishes.

    Suddenly he woke up on a bed the size of a football pitch surrounded by six gorgeous, stark naked women.

    Having sated his appitite he slipped off the bed to get another bottle of champagne and his feet immediately sank into a paper pile. He looked down and saw that he was ankle deep in loose US $1000 bills. He brushed these aside to find the floor tiled in 'bricks' of $1000 notes.

    He couldn't believe it, he was mega-rich, he was surrounded by beautiful women and.... Suddenly there was a pounding as the door was kicked in.

    There stood two figures in white robes and hoods - Behind them a dozen or more similarly dressed characters stood, either side of a burning cross.

    The two figures stepped in, grabbed the man, dragged him out, beat him, tied his hands, threw a rope over a tree branch, dropped the noose over his head and lynched him.

    As the man struggled and died the background characters evaporated leaving only swinging corpse and the two 'Klansmen', they pulled their hoods off and there stood the two Genies.
    One turned to the other and shook his head slowly, "I can understand the women, I can understand the money, but I still can't understand asking to be 'hung like a big black stud'"

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