Southern Baptists looking to perform 1,000,000 Baptisms

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    Group Aims to Perform 1M Baptisms in U.S.
    By JAY LINDSAY, Associated Press Writer

    NEWTON, Mass. - Bobby Welch wore a new Boston Red Sox cap and carried the New Testament in his hip pocket as he set out to evangelize in this staunchly liberal New England city. Within minutes, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention had demonstrated how quickly regional barriers to his conservative theological message could be cleared.

    At the second door he approached, a heavily tattooed young woman spoke with him for several minutes, then prayed with him before bidding a friendly goodbye.

    "It's amazing how absolutely ready people are" to listen, he said.

    Though they lack numbers and ideological allies here, the Southern Baptists came to New England on Wednesday and Thursday as part of a barnstorming 25-day, 50-state bus tour that Welch began last Sunday in Florida. His goal: baptizing 1 million people a year around the country.


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