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    Earlier I posted an article which stated that Roger Clemens had been directed to leave a ballfield where his 10 year old son was playing. Seems that article was rather poorly researched. A more thorough reporter found the following. Seems that Roger Clemens was not involved in the incident with the umpire and in fact was a thoroughly class act throughout. So I apologize to Roger. Hope the folks who wrote that first article will do the same.

    Ben Walker / Associated Press
    Posted: 2 hours ago
    Roger Clemens was given an emphatic apology Thursday for "unjustly" being ejected from his 10-year-old son's baseball game last weekend in Colorado.

    David King, president of tournament organizer Triple Crown Sports, said "Mr. Clemens was a non-aggressor and a victim of mistaken identity and confusion" by an upset umpire.
    Clemens was asked to leave son Kacy's game Saturday in Craig, Colo., when a 22-year-old ump said the Houston Astros pitcher spit a sunflower seed at him. Moments earlier, Kacy was called out on a stolen base attempt - the fielder later admitted he missed the tag - and the Rocket watched the rest of the contest from a parking lot.

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