Song of the South

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    Has anyone on the board seen this movie? It has never been released on VHS or DVD in America, and it has been unofficially "retired" from theatrical screenings. The reason for this is that it supposedly depicts an unrealistically racist view of the post-Civil War-era south. It is about a black man named Uncle Remus who works on a plantation and often tells two white kids stories about a rabbit named Br'er (short for "brother") Rabbit.

    I really want to see this movie. I've talked on here before about my fascination with banned or otherwise notorious cartoons, such as the propaganda-ish cartoons made during WWII (like the Popeye short "You're a Sap, Mister Jap!"). This film seems to offer a lot not just for film history (it was the first Disney movie to incorporate any live-action scenes) but for social history as well. It's important not to hide away the negative aspects of American history, I feel. That's if the film is even all that racially insensitive, which it may not be.

    So, my question is, has anyone seen this? It's been released theatrically about six times since its debut in 1946. Its last release was in 1986, for its 40th anniversary.

    Two other odd facts about the movie: While Disney seems to be trying to distance itself from the film, the song "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Da", one of the most recognizably Disney songs ever, actually came from that movie. Also, the ride Splash Mountain in Disney World is entirely based on the movie, though it does leave out Uncle Remus and the plantation, and focuses on Br'er Rabbit.

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