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    Tea party conservatives, unlike the OWS protestors don’t hate the rich and care little about the so called “wealth disparity”. They are more concerned with the fair distribution of our liberties and natural rights outlined in the Declaration of Independence and protected by the Constitution.

    Tea party conservatives, unlike the OWS protestors respect themselves, the law, and environment. That is why they don’t get arrested, file and obtain the appropriate permits, and leave the facilities and parks clean.

    Tea party conservatives, unlike the OWS protestors don’t view the world or themselves through a narrow prism of skin pigment or gender. That is why they demand equal application of the law.

    Tea party conservatives, unlike the OWS protestors don’t believe they’re entitled to anything other than life, liberty, and the property they honestly earn.

    Tea party conservatives, unlike the OWS protestors don’t split our society into social, ethnic, and economic classes and then describe the aggregate as a collective. That is antithetical to our founding principle of individual liberty and nothing short of a Marist/Hegel view.

    Tea party conservatives, unlike the OWS protestors are not jealous, hateful, and small minded concerning the economic success of others. They don’t care how much someone has in their bank account, providing it was legally obtained.

    But IMO the most significant political difference is what the role the federal government should play in our lives. It is the most pertinent because their twisted view has the potential to affects us all for generations to come.

    OWS protestors ignore government corruption and the statist policies that were central to causing the 2008 housing collapse/recession and later the bailouts. The products sold by Wall Street were only toxic because the derivatives were bundled with worthless subprime loans. Subprime loans that were approved and granted by the largest mortgage broker on the planet; Fannie and Freddie under the direction of Democrat congressmen and senators…and to a lesser degree Republicans. “Private” banks and lending institutions were also strong-armed politically and by federal policy to make the bad loans. The non-refutable evidence of these facts are easily obtained and there for everyone to see.

    Yet the OWS crowd completely ignores the information! And more important, to the determent of all and in the face of empirical historical evidence to the contrary, inconceivably advocates for even more government intervention at the prodding of the very politicos responsible for our demise.

    In light of that example alone, the diametrical difference in thinking between the tea party and OWS group surpasses politics and enters the realm of rational verses irrational thought and behavior.

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