Some See An Obama Landslide--And After A Christie Bounce(?)!

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    English King George III--not related to Bush I Term I, or Bush II Terms I & II--was infamously a hoarder and a taxer. The already prosperous English Aristocracy was properly funded, and including from rents. Even the Colonials would be taxed.

    The U. S. Federal Government infamously spends upwards of $1.8 tril. on the already prosperous, spending about $1.5 tril. on the 100 mil. or so who are not prosperous.

    Both are examples of bad economic and social policy. So to address them: Bain Capital Romney cites powerfully his own experience as spender/investor among the already prosperous. Romney then selected Rep. Paul Ryan as a nominee apparent for Vice President. Ryan will now leave current MediCare alone, favoring instead a plan to ultimately make income retirees pay for MediCare on their own. Tax cuts for The Romney Hoarders are proposed--to spend even more among the already prosperous. Tax hikes for the Middle and Lower incomes are further proposed.

    There now appear articles, on the internet, like this one: Heralding a harked(?) Obama-Biden Landslide. The allusion is to the New Testament Herald, as opposed to any current press corps. . . .almost as oblviously(?)!

    The Coming Obama Landslide

    The cartoon caricature--to be presented as the Republican National Convention--will be the Romney-Ryan brand, all keynoted by what comes of it: The Chris Cristie problem, of or from New Jersey!

    The Rome of twice conquered Israel fame was like that. History didn't change much, even after that.

    Obama-Biden put into place the Equal Amount per person, "Make Work Pay" Refundable Tax Credit. Socialist China put into place, mostly shovel ready, infrastructure projects. China is a powerhouse, and USA is in recovery. GOP mainly was able to agree to a Payroll Tax Holiday. Even GOP knows that disaster was being avoided, due to Obama-Biden, Pelosi and Reid. The Romney-Ryan Brand happened only four years ago. The rich had gotten richer. The poor had gotten poorer. The mortgage paper became mainly worthless--and untraceable.

    Even Nominee apparent, Ryan knows what comes of his very own plan! He is a "Yea" vote on the record for TARP!

    They know, but want to preserve the status quo: A major waste of time--not to mention all the money.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (Waste of Money like hoping maybe Ivy League Professor can find the keys to his house--to make sure he wasn't breaking into it. Apparently, there is something about them: That creates too much attention! Just possibly, anyone can smell 'em(?)!)
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