some important facts about our last Prophet Mohd (PBUH)

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    some important facts about our last Prophet Mohd (PBUH)
    I want to share some facts regarding our last prophet Mohd (PUBH) to entire human beings no matters belongs to Muslims or Non-Believers.

    1. Hazrat Mohd (PUBH) had no servants yet they called him Master.
    2. Hazrat Mohd (PBUH) has no degree yet they called him Teacher.
    3. Hazrat Mohd (PBUH) had no medicines yet they called him Healer.
    4. Hazrat Mohd (PBUH) had no army yet Kings feared him.
    5. Hazrat Mohd (PBUH) won no military battles his message conquers the world.

    Moreover he was buried at Medina, Saudi Arabia and every year on special occasion of Hajj around 35 Million Muslims followers gathered and paid tributes and pray for themselves to overcome all worries, problems and judgment day do not keep us Muslims alone. But through out entire year Muslims believers pay tribute to our Prophet Mohd (PBUH) shrines in the name of Umra.

    I am proud of that I loved with Ahl-e-Bait and our Prophet Mohd (PBUH) and continue by same love till the end of life and God give me extra courage and power do not change path from Islam and goes to wrong religion at any cost.

    In short those who are Muslims followers and loving the Last Prophet Mohd ( PBUH ) are luckily followers and deserve to place at heaven. But One can’t reach heaven by killing any innocents or suicide attacks as common practice of Sipa-e-Sahab or Tehrik-e-Talban brain wash people are doing due to lack of education and knowledge, have no guts or power to judge where the truth lies but finally they reach HELL ( after dead ) where they a heavy price to remain in hell forever? On account of killing innocents.

    Our Prophet Mohd (PBUH) become famous in entire Arab not in Muslims but even Non-Believers believe and trust his faith and called him by Sadiq & Amin which become the identity of our last Prophet Mohd (PBUH) ( but very sad in this century people from Muslim's community why telling lies, cheating or keeping one in dark for earning breads which is not following Prophet Mohd (PBUH ) message and adopt the Sahtan policy.

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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