Some Bills Going Into the Congressional Hopper

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    As some may know, when Congressmen (I know that's not PC) introduce bills, they are said to go “Into the Hopper” from the days when there was actually a container they dropped them into. From comes these they might be of interest:

    H.R. 4195: To repeal the authorizations for office space, office expenses, franking and printing privileges, and staff for former Speakers of the House of Representatives.

    Did you know - Since 1970, former Speakers of the House of Representatives have been provided with an allowance after their departure from the House. Currently, the statutorily authorized allowance is available to former Speakers for office space and furnishings, office operations, franked mail, and staff assistance. Use of the allowance is limited to five years, beginning the day of expiration of a Speaker’s tenure as a Representative. Allowances are to be used solely for the administration and conclusion of matters relating to service as a Representative and Speaker of the House.

    (Says there's a 1% chance of being passed.)

    Here's a commentary on it:

    Boehner Gets Hill Digs, Hundreds of Thousands in Benefits. Two Conservatives Want to Change That. @ These 2 Want to Push Boehner Out of Hill Digs, Big Benefits

    S. 2381: A bill to provide assistance and support to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. - (Knew this would be coming. The Commonwealth is on the brink of bankruptcy and everyone has been expecting this bailout for some time.)

    Guess this is the House version of the Senate bill =

    H.R. 4199: To provide the government of Puerto Rico the choice to restructure its municipal debt in conjunction with enhanced financial oversight, and for other purposes.

    H.R. 4200: To amend title 10, United States Code, to provide a period for the relocation of spouses and dependents of certain members of the Armed Forces undergoing a permanent change of station in order to ease and facilitate the relocation of military families, and for other purposes. (The “for other purposes” always sends up a red flag for me as it's where the pork comes in.)

    And a whole lot more @

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