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Discussion in 'Humor' started by misterflew, Jan 21, 2010.

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    Hello Gang, Mister Flew here again. I've spoken within the recent past of a problem which echoes through my very dryer. One sock in two socks out, two socks in, one sock out. What is going on with my dryer folks? What is happening with my dryer.

    T'was a time in days past when upon my mind laid the relative concern of what was for dinner. No longer do such questions circulate into the inner workings of my right & left brain hemisphere. Instead, it's Baby Ruth from the dollar store. Nothing less, nothing more. Get me a glass of water and a BR, I'm fine. Just fine.

    Mister Flew could use a little sand between his toes, not ears.... just sand, sun and a good encyclopedia, maybe the DA to DZ version. Got Britanica? Send me one. Don't send me the jeans. No Britania. ahh the 70's.

    Mister Flew
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