Socialist Stimulus Working (In Export-Challenged China)

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    Los Angeles Times, Don Lee, 3/12/09, reports that Exports from China fell 26% in February--(to the more aborigine-oriented of our world)--but the government-prodded bank lending seems to be working out just fine: In the same month. The rate of decline of imports of raw materials--for stimulus stuff--declined.

    "Investmens in land, building, buildings, and machinery picked up last month, driven by the state's increased spending for railway transportation, mining, and other projects."

    Now, is that any way to run an economy: No one of the US commentators seems to ask? " China commenced its Stimulus Package last fall, for example, whereas Obama only started his in the last fifty days: Millions in America Will Likely So-State."

    In our New Spirit of Global economy, now post-Davos, wherein Her Majesty's PM could admonish the (aborigine) governments and their (aborigine) peoples on the meaning and uses of international credit and cooperation: Surely the laizzez-faire oriented, Presbyterian clergy based of origins, can shed their pretense of "intellectual" concepts in the schools. The USA Ivy League comes to mind, as being in serious need of immediate remedy.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Not even George Bush II: Appeared Able to Grasp The Important Concept, "Boola, Boola," And the limited capabilities of the kinds that come from there.)

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