Sob! Obama Is Losing Sleep Over Debt Deal

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    Interesting and Funny.


    By Alister Bull
    July 28, 2011

    WASHINGTON, July 28 (Reuters) – President Barack Obama is deeply involved in trying to win a debt deal and his White House was working flat out, aides said, pushing back against any impression Congress had sidelined the administration.

    "He’s getting absolutely no sleep. He’s working tirelessly, meeting with his economic team, doing a lot of outreach, exploring all kinds of possibilities for compromise," top Obama aide Valerie Jarrett told Reuters Insider.

    Does this mean they are going to increase the amount of flour they put in Obama’s hair to make it look gray? Still, this crisis has really gone too far, if the anointed one is losing sleep over it.

    Even so, we are so relieved to learn that he isn’t just standing on the side of the ditch drinking a Slurpee. Maybe he will even get around to coming up with his own plan.

    White House officials have blanketed U.S. cable television in the last few days to get their message over that Republicans were harming the U.S. economy by refusing to compromise over measures to cut the deficit and lift the borrowing ceiling.

    Yes, we are so glad that Obama’s propaganda machine is ratcheting up the fearmongering. That is very responsible. (And great for the economy.)

    Lawmakers must lift the country’s $14.3 trillion borrowing ceiling by an Aug. 2 deadline to act or risk a devastating default and downgrade of its vital AAA credit rating.

    This is of course still a blatant lie, no matter how many times the media repeats it.

    In fact, the person who has the power to bring about a default is Barack Hussein Obama. Because the only way the US will default on our debts is if Mr. Obama orders the Treasury not to pay our debts.

    (Which, by the way, would be unconstitutional under the 14th Amendment, which everybody seems to have suddenly rediscovered.)

    Obama Chief of Staff Bill Daley, key adviser David Plouffe and Jarrett herself have been almost constantly on air, while also reaching beyond the Beltway to regional press and radio.

    "I don’t know how you can get more actively involved," Daley told CNN when charged that the White House has been relegated to the sidelines in the deficit debate by Congress. "I’m in constant conversations, as are many of our staff, with people on the Hill," he said.

    He could come up with a plan, Mr. Daley. In fact, if Obama does not have a plan, he is on the sideline. No matter whom he calls or how often.

    Vice President Joe Biden, who led bipartisan negotiations to explore a deal, has been a key conduit to Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell, with whom he has a rapport…

    Which just goes to show how serious the White House is about the importance of this. They put their best man on the job.

    Several press conferences and a prime-time televised address to the nation by the president from the stately East Room, plus a background briefing by senior Obama aides that went late into Friday night, have added to the controlled frenzy at the White House.

    Just look at how unintentionally hilarious that sentence is.

    read the rest with comments.

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    I'll bet Boehner isn't getting much sleep.

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