So Which Party Does Have. . . .The Greater Bitch. . . .Anyway?!?

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    Anyone can comment that there's never a Vice President, around an open mike, when you need one. Truman, as President, was never alleged to have had the accidental problem at all, himself.

    Since the Tea Party relies on anger mis-management for impetus and donations, and since Sarah Palin polls have more negatives than god, or some such comparison. Then you add in that Sarah Palin, John McCain, and other GOP seem to want to impress the Tea Party movement: Then is this below bad news, or what?!?

    Consumer Confidence Index - The Conference Board

    U. S. Consumer confidence is on the uptick. Consumer spending has risen five months in a row. Even the Census is being greated with a sigh of relief, as a temporary spurt in jobs. These kinds of indices, on the whole, are a self-fulfilling momentum of an economic upturn in the near-term: Which then gains even further momentum from the spending.

    This is now the year of the Obama/Biden part of the stimulus. The Tea Party never so-stated, but the GOP part of the recovery measures had been preservative of government jobs, and banking resources. So The GOP blamed their part of the program, on the Democrats.

    And the kennels were unable to contain the outcry, or the protets, or the Loving Christian Missionaries, of the now-famous County of the Unknown Militia!

    Now the Democratic shoe hits the pavement, and rather than preservatives, then new employment and business expansion begins to start.

    Business Owners know that bitching and moaning is not what they want to hear at a time like this(?)!

    The Democrats actually have House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on board. The. . . moaning is more likely to be unwelcome, going forward, as in: "About Sarah Pain, or Palin, Who Knew?!?" (Clearly Not Sarah Palin!) When it comes to pain, likely the connection will not be with Speaker Pelosi!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (There is that point that a view of a half-empty glass is probably better: But mainly when more is on the way!)
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