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    Once again, the media picked the Republican candidate they liked then turned on him as soon as he got the nomination. Conservative Republican voters have been reamed by the media so often they should think about getting a sex change operation. Still, I have to ask why is Romney in trouble for telling the truth when Hussein never gets in trouble for lying like hell about everything?

    Romney does not have to steady his campaign to appease the parasite class and their media mouthpieces. They would not vote for him if he swore a loyalty oath on the Communist Manifesto. Romney knows the way of it; so I can only hope he does not wimp-out. Just for once, I’d like to see a Republican turn on the media and proclaim the views most Americans hold about big government and the welfare state. Lo and behold, Bill O’Reilly even got it right last night:

    The only mistake in O’Reilly’s talking points memo came from Romney who said that 47% of the people vote for Hussein. That’s nowhere near true because approximately 50% of eligible voters do not vote.

    Romney should be guided by the standing ovation Gingrich got when he laid into media inquisitors in one of the debates. Newt’s heated response had to do with a question about his divorce; nevertheless, the American people are fed up with a lying, biased, press. If Romney is not another Republican wimp he will take Gingrich’s standing O and run with it on serious issues.

    Alas, Republican candidates never seem to learn: Lions roar and voters love them for it, while sheep get sheared and voters hate them for it.

    Finally, the president is thought of as the one guy in Washington who represents all Americans. That’s never been true. It’s become so bad in domestic issues Hussein makes no bones about him representing the parasite class only. In plain English Hussein is against a majority of Americans.

    Throughout most of the last century Democrats divided this country for political gain. Their weapons were class warfare, racism, illegal immigration, multiculturalism, and propaganda. Romney must be adamant about representing those Americans Hussein is against. If his stand offends the people who won’t vote for him anyway —— SO WHAT!
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