So...... It's CAREER QUALITY Jobs This Country Needs, eh?

Discussion in 'Economy' started by AVG-JOE, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Since y'all are for the most part solidly against We, The People owning interest (stock) in any private endeavor, which by the way is the only way to actually create quality jobs that the taxpayers don't ultimately pay for, the only way a 'hands off business' government can 'create career quality jobs' with a clear conscious is to boot the corporations, both foreign and domestic, out of the hospitality and agriculture industries operating on federal lands and let enterprising American families go in to business for themselves providing valuable services and goods to visitors and citizen alike.

    :eusa_think: Tell me again why it's 'unthinkable' for us to purchase on the open market and collectively own an interest in America's privately held assets and infrastructure?

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