So, higher taxes and more spending

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    That's the deal that Obama and the Dems are presenting to the repubs, take it or leave it. Boehner offers $800 in increased revenue, via tax reform and reduced loopholes and deductions, but no deal. Something we sorely need to do BTW. Boehner then offers tax cuts for incomes over a million bucks, which is what the president has campaigned on since 2008. Again, no deal. And yet the left and the media paint the GOP as being the bad guys.

    From what I can see, Obama isn't going to cut spending, he's going to raise it. The cuts he offers are cuts that will happen anyway, or so superficial as to be insignificant. And he wants another stimulus package, like that's going to work any better than the last one did. Can somebody tell me how in the hell the national debate is centered on more revenues that will net us MAYBE $80 billion a year, when we're spending over a trillion dollars that we don't have? It's like your wife goes out and buys a mink coat for a hundred grand; you say we can't afford that! She says it's okay, I'll sell lemonade for a nickel. And Obama's not giving the repubs anything in return for tax hikes he knows they cannot do. And yet the left and the media paint the GOP as being the bad guys.

    I listen to what he says and how he says it, as well as his subordinates and allies, (Pelosi, Carney, Axelrod, et al), this is not the tone and language of people who really want to arrive at a compromise. This is all out political warfare, somebody wins and somebody dies. Make no mistake, the president is out to damage or destroy the republican party, nothing less. And yet the left and the media paint the GOP as being the bad guys.
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