So Eisenhower reversed the course of Christianity? Research?

Discussion in 'Conspiracy Theories' started by Mike Dwight, Dec 9, 2018.

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    Its a Conspiracy theory and there's people that could help out with opinions and research on my conspiracy theory. Let me know. President Eisenhower secretly changed American religion. I know Eisenhower fought the Korean War as President in 1953 and in 1958 the Presbyterian Church became the United Presbyterian Church. I know that he chose to be Presbyterian in office for Politics, reference quote is Billy graham. Eisenhower moved the historical Presbyterian Church into a reformed revolutionary United Prebsyterian Church. Fred Rogers started his TV show the first year of the United Presbyterian Church like some sort of conservative runner-up prize? The conspiracy could go as deep as the Civil Rights movement and unrest of the next few decades being a thin splash of TV images without substance covering up a conspiracy against worldwide Christian politics. If you keep all the Sheeple, so conspiracy theorists say, in Christian organizations that only care about the Homeland, then you don't have to relate with anybody. The State is supreme in diplomacy and wants to stay that way. See the denominations that have any overseas serious history or relations whatsoever, like catholic, Presbyterian, Anglican, orthodox. The Korean War he led , the Koreans developed the Presbyterian Church further. He Joined the Presbyterian Denomination when he prayed for all citizens of This Country, put Under God in the Pledge of Allegiance, and put In God We Trust on our money, like we were an Established Christian Country, then how come if we're such good Christians as a country, it didn't establish us with any other Christian Countries? Because its just to make us unique, and its ornamental and Not Really promoting a religious practice?
    If someone wanted to be Presbyterian , 4/5 and all serious Presbyterians are Ulster-Scots tracing the theology of the Church of Scotland, but Eisenhower just jumped in and I don't see anybody any closer to shedding off the Pope or listening to the pope, or finding Christ or not, etc, from those sort of measures. His National Presbyterian Church has to promote the star spangled banner, the statue of liberty, and the grand old flag, and not the bonnie blue flag, the Edinburgh war memorial, and the flag of scotland. Nobody likes a big boat of lies , I mean if you're somebody joining looking for the Light and the Truth and who possibly knows what you're joining there? you aren't going to see catholics denying and changing one ink stain in 2000 years? in the middle of big Human Politics, the Divines of the Westminster confession for instance, the American version more and more altered and unorthodox and watered down all effort.
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    Ike was personal friends with Jesus

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