SNSD make it to Billboard Charts: “No. 2 on World Albums”

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    SNSD have successfully made it to the U.S. Billboard Charts.

    SNSD, who have released a special album, including their hit song “The Boys,” to such American and European countries as U.S., Canada, France, and U.K., have successfully made it to U.S. Billboard Charts.

    The album, which includes the songs from SNSD’s third album and Korean and English remixed versions of “The Boys,” ranked 22nd on the Heatseekers Albums of Billboard Charts on February 4.

    Heatseekers Albums show the hottest albums of new artists who just made it to Billboard Charts according to the statistics from Nielsen Soundscan. Making it to this chart, SNSD got acknowledged among many new artists who just entered the U.S. market.

    SNSD’s “The Boys” also ranked second on the World Chart. SNSD haven’t officially started promoting and performing in the U.S., they’ve gotten a profitable result in the global market.

    Although SNSD haven’t made it to the Billboard 200, which is the main chart of the Billboard’s, it has been commented that it is outstanding because it’s been achieved without a single promotional event or activity in U.S. They are also planning to appear on one of the popular talk shows in the U.S. at the end of January, so they will be more active in U.S.


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