Smolensk plane crash made Poland reassess its attitude toward Russia

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    If Poland and Russia continue to work constructively on their relations, to build them anew, then, in historical terms, the Smolensk plane crash may be mythologized as more of a positive event in terms of the coming together of these two Slavic peoples in greater mutual understanding. interview with Alexander Rahr, Director of the Berthold-Beitz-Zentrum, German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP).

    Question: What prospects do you think there are for Russian-Polish relations considering the political and emotional aftermath of the presidential plane crash at Smolensk?

    Answer: I am convinced that the Smolensk plane crash made Poland reassess its attitude toward Russia and that Poland, under its current government at least, is trying to devise a very constructive Eastern policy for Europe. I believe that Poland’s presidency of the European Union, due to begin in six months’ time, will generate new, constructive modes of Russia-EU cooperation. We will not slide back into a Cold War as, but for the Smolensk plane crash, we could have.

    Q: Is Poland likely to use its EU presidency to put pressure on Russia over this issue?

    A: Poland does not want confrontation with Russia, let alone to involve the whole of Europe in a confrontation like this. Instead, at a recent official dinner in Warsaw the Polish foreign minister said that Poland would attempt to learn from Germany’s experience of how best to bolster constructive and partner-like relations while seeking reconciliation with Russia on historical issues.

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    Trial begins concerning Smolensk plane crash...

    Smolensk tragedy continues to haunt Poland
    Wed, 30 Mar 2016 - Six years on from the plane crash that killed the Polish president feelings about who was to blame continue to run high, says Adam Easton.

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