Slave States Rights?

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    During the first half of the 19th Century "The Slave Power" levered structural flaws in the US Constitution and Congressional "tradition" to exercise minority rule over the entire US.

    "The Slave Power was not made up exclusively of slave-holders and slave traders.

    "The term referred to the utter domination of the nation's political and economic interests by a cabal of rich planters and merchants profiting off the trade in slaves and slave-produced commodities, along with their henchmen in the courts, executive offices, and legislators at the state and federal level.

    "Think of it as the military-industrial complex of its day.

    If you find Rich Broderick's premise that Slave Power has never completely disappeared from US politics credible, maybe that explains how the American rich use war and debt in the 21st Century to pillage foreign lands and impoverish their countrymen at the same time?

    Rich Broderick: Slave Power Shall Rise Again

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