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Discussion in 'Environment' started by skookerasbil, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Now.........of course, this is music to the ears of k00ks like Old Rocks and Chris who have been getting their threads consistently blown apart by Sk00ks, but especially on Saturday AM's!!! more Photobucket classics making fun of the environmental k00ks!!!


    Simple..........Cap and Trade was dealt a HUGE blow in New Hampshire last week. Wher two years ago, this was not even a remote possibility, national repeal of Cap and Trade is now highly likely as Republican governors climb on board in a less volatile political environment.

    Read here..........New Hampshire repeals cap and trade | New Hampshire House of Representatives votes to repeal cap and trade law | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

    The public has gotten the message about not wanting their electricity rates to double due to this global warming scam...........this is what the environmentalists never understood. In an era with taxes, fee's and prices skyrocketing, Americans couldnt give a crap about funding out their ass for a guess by Al Gore. ( supported by EVERY poll)

    Once these legislative repeals score across America, Im out of this Godforsaken forum...............couldnt give a rats ass about the temperature debate. Never have............leave that up to the mental case lefties in here who continue to display the political IQ's of a small soap dish. The temperature debate will thus be like a big meeting of people contemplating their navels!!!:2up:

    Once I split, Old Rocks will be the happiest fcukker in the whole forum!!!!:lol::lol:...........and ten years from now, he'll be in a fcukkig wheelchair still pounding on the fcucking keyboard about C02. And still, nobody will care.:funnyface:
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