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    If I could run my own county, how would I run it?
    It would have to be considered fair by the majority correct?
    What would define the majority.
    In order for there to be a majority EVERYONE is to be accounted for.
    Everyone must know the rules of the house so to speak.
    As with any household a house run with rules is the most suitable structure for a stable environment.
    Why should the a country be any different?
    How does one make a $2 sale when the item is worth $1?
    The answer isn't ignorance, but lack of education.
    Sorry to say this is how most people get money.
    A lack of education is America's largest problem.
    In order for this country to fix itself the people have to be well educated on how their govt is run and their roles.
    Many people do not vote in elections or just simply follow the people that SOUND like they do know what they're talking about.
    How do we solve this problem?
    Simply EDUCATE.
    I'm not saying raise a group of politicians. But educate on a wide spectrum.
    Have more in depth teachings on religion and it's origins.
    Religion is one of the greatest causes of conflict.
    If people are able to UNDERSTAND another point of view, there will be a better reaction than that of an ignorance reaction.
    People have to learn to co-operate and understand each others point of view.
    This has to begin with Parent co-operation.
    Allow schools to give your children this knowledge.
    Of course we want our children to follow along our own families tradition, but for the better of society as a whole, we MUST allow it.
    To grow up in a place that only accepts one idea and blows off all the rest is neve a good situation.
    We must learn to grow up with an idea and learn to accept and understand the rest.
    This leaves the choice to the eduactee rather than the educator, but it will lead to a better future.
    "Do You" is a common phrase in modern society as people are becoming more accepting of others.
    Control over other has become a decreasing factor as it leads to happier people.
    Our most powerful govt today is run by Democratic policies.
    These are policies derived from the people that the govt is to monitor.
    Essentially the people run the people.
    More or less the educated run the educated and uneducated.
    This is the correct form and it's sorry to say conflict comes in from educated vs. UN-educated
    If the UN-educated were to be diminished by educating on equal levels everywhere this problem would be excavated.
    The poorest of towns would have to have great teachers, and brilliant books.
    This leads to the increasing importance of raising the quality of teachers in the U.S.
    We have gone into the horrible path of letting ANYONE teach our children.
    That is why there are so many uneducated.
    Students that don't understand the work they are given will grow tired of trying to learn the material.
    A quality educator will know how to teach students in the most beneficial of ways.
    Learning to educate as well as entertain is growing as societies technology gets better.
    Students grow tired of 500 pgs of books that speak of a country that is slowly going down the tube.
    They may read about how great our govt is, but as soon as they go home and turn on CNN they will truly see what our gov't has become.
    A teacher makes less than $40,000 a year while a politician that sits in his office makes double that.
    Why, because he who controls the rules will rule in his favor most the time.
    Who wants to be the politician responsible for giving the "good life" back to the people and taking from themselves.
    Certainly no government before this one.
    An educated town works better than an UN-educated city.
    If this idea has come up then why hasn't it been applied yet?
    How can this be the wrong answer?
    Why is our gov't so afraid to experiment with new policies?
    How do we even start this process?
    First an increase in quality teachers.
    Our teachers should know multiple techniques for teaching other than power point and old videotapes.
    There ought to be a class for teachers to learn from some of the most succsefful teachers around the country.
    After quality teacher goals are met, we look into the material being taught.
    Yes we want to teach the basics of everything but their has to be a change in curriculum.
    Students should heavily encouraged into the learning of the most influential religions, and governments.
    By heavily encouraged meaning, quality teachers should be teaching our kids these things.
    Social Sciences should not only be government history,and economics, but also religious studies.
    A pledge of allegiance has the words "One Nation under God" inscribed in it so why not continue to emphasize religion.
    Government are the rules we the people follow, while religion is the main origin of these rules so to speak.
    A better education system will lead to better understanding in all subjects taught in schools.
    We just need quality teachers and a wider range of subjects to be taught.
    If American citizens understand the country they are being run by, they will run it better.
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    Teaching Johnny an objective course in religion would be impossible in k12 . Johnny's parents will never allow it.

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