Sicko's in charge of the Madhouse

Discussion in 'Iran' started by publicprotector, Sep 26, 2009.

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    Jul 9, 2009
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    Yes whilst the festering filth that Governs the US/UK/Israel spout their filth about Irans intention to have nukes these same people are murdering their own citizens. Who cares if Iran has nukes when your own Government is trying to wipe you out, what does it matter.

    But the ourageous holier than thou attitude of these disease ridden perverts know no bounds, while they scream indignation that another nation dare develope weapons that everyone else seems to have they are sending their own to die and suffer in wars for power profit and greed.

    When faced with a threat man deals with it , why is it then that we have these corrupt spineless vermin telling others what they can and cannot do. They are nothing more than paid thugs who would quite happily send their own people to the gas chambers if they could turn a profit on it.

    They are turning every thing they touch into a vile effluence and expect others to do the same. Why don't we just deal with this problem as we would any other threat to our well being. If we do not stop this disease it will engulf us all.
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    Dec 29, 2008
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    You seriously need to educate yourself on nuclear arms races and the effects of them. Your ignorance is astounding. Thank god people like you arent in the positions to make these decisions, because it would cost the world millions of lives over the next couple decades, perhaps more.

    You are out of your fucking mind, or you are incredibly stupid. Either way, i think we can all agree that your posts from this day forward should be ignored. Find a teen website to post on fool. This place is for the big boys only.

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