Showing Teacher Appreciation (if deserved)

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    Show Some Teacher Appreciation
    By Mary Hunt
    June 7, 2005

    As another school year comes to a close I can't help but think back, waaaay back, to my school days. There was one teacher who inspired me, who made me believe I could do anything. That teacher changed my life. Whether or not he knew it then, he knows it now. I sent him a letter of appreciation. But it was many years late. I wish I'd done it sooner.

    Teachers are still in the business of changing lives by believing in their students, by encouraging them to work hard and dream big. And by helping kids discover that anything really is possible.

    Here we are at the end of another school year. There are teachers who have made a difference in your kids' lives. Now it's your turn to make a difference in theirs by honoring their hard work and dedication. I'd like to suggest seven ways you can do just that.

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    Thanks for sharing that one! My last day was Friday and wow did my students and parents show their appreciation. I will not list the monetary, it was very generous. I think the private school parents, especially those on the school board, try very hard to encourage this, knowing our salaries. It is very appreciated.

    I received four gifts/thank yous though that made me so happy I teach. One was from a 6th grade parent-which is unusual in the first place, since I only have them four times a week. Her son was new to the school this year, coming from the public school. He was an 'A' 'B' student there. He was drowning big time at the beginning of the year. I asked him in the second week to come in for help, he looked like he was going to cry. I let it go.

    End of September the parents came to Parent-teacher conference. It seems the mom was making him start homework right after school. They'd stop for dinner, then right back to it. When the homework was done, she would make him work on reading and writing, till 9:30pm. No wonder he was about to cry when I suggested he come in at 7:30 for help! Told the mom to stop it, way too long. He shouldn't spend more than 1.5 hours on homework, then stop! (Actually should have taken less then 45 min, but he was struggling.)

    She actually listened and started dropping him off at 7:30 every day. We worked for the half hour then he went to his own homeroom. By Christmas he was caught up and happy. He made honor roll the last two quarters.

    The mom wrote me a letter that I can use for recommendations! It was so glowing, well it was nearly embarrassing! :teeth:

    Second gift was from a girl in my 7th grade and her brother, now a junior in HS. He was the same that wrote that article in his high school paper, about me, his most influential adult! (yeah, he was a really nice nerdy kid, but really cute, though he didn't know it! He does now!) It was a framed copy of the poem about making a difference in the life of a child. Both children signed it.

    Last gift was a sterling silver heart box from one of my graduated 8th grade boys-I guess he was embarrassed to bring it in on their last day, so he came into my room during mass. It included a note from him, thanking me for believing in him and recommending him for a scholarship he earned at the Catholic High School. He promised to email me his journal about first year of high school! LOL

    Probably the most touching came from my students themselves. They had a 'project' that was a surprise in the back of the room, which they asked me not to look at. They gave up homework time the last 4 days to work on it. It was a circle of little clay people, standing for each of my students. They all had boy or girl people, with the right color of hair, length of hair, uniforms, color of skin! They circled a clay plaque that said, "Ms. D we love you! Your best 7th grade class of 2005!" :cry:

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