Should we all be divesting from Iran? At what cost?

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    Obama back at the September 26, 2007 Democratic Presidential Debate said, "I have a plan right now to make sure that private pension funds in this country can divest from their holdings in Iran." Should we all? Investars YOU has just announced that Conflict Securities Advisory Group, Inc. has made available an Iran-Free Index. Investars YOU let's you build portfolios that reflect your values, interests and beliefs. Users can drag the Iran-Free Screen Index along with any other lists in the database into or out of their portfolios and measure the costs and benefits of these choices. Soon, you can invest on the portfolio through a broker too. The launch of this index begs a number of questions. We at Investars YOU would love to hear your thoughts. Do we all have the responsibility to divest from Iran? Should we? What cost are we (you?) willing/should we (you?) be willing to incur? Maybe you think we don't have a responsibility to divest. If so, why? You can track how divesting from Iran impacts your portfolio (as well, the impact of investing in Iran) on the site. The Index is available under the Local and Global Politics category, subcategory Terrorism/Security. It's free to use.
    We look forward to hearing from you.
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