Should "detailing" be illegal?

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    I've seen these reps in my doctor's office. I have to say it's amusing if nothing else, but yes, you are correct; it is a bribe.

    While there are times pharmaceutical drugs are necessary and even good for the patient, how many times have you heard that a patient is on six or seven different drugs, with most of the drugs being given to offset the side effects of one drug. In the end, the patient feels worse and the side effects from all of the drugs is worse than had the patient been given nothing.

    My father was on a number of different statins to help him reduce his cholesterol. Unfortunately, he experienced a terrible side effect from these statins, and it didn't matter which one he was on. He was losing his eyesight. The doctor finally took him off of them because he was afraid it would make him blind. Now, after being off of the statins for a year, his eyesight has returned to normal.

    I have at least a half dozen stories of bad drug reactions just from my parents. Now, neither of them will take a drug unless it is absolutely necessary, and they can actually feel the benefit of the drug.

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