Sharper than the Serpent

Discussion in 'Religion and Ethics' started by DDdavis, Aug 4, 2010.

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    Theres a thing on this site called the UCP, and it comes in real handy to ignore those that just want to spew dung from their mouths. Ive learned that these types of people do this to make themselves feel better about themselves, but they are so ignorant to the fact that all they are doing is crushing their appearance to the world. It does not matter what religon you practice, there is nothing right about it. We civil people dont have the time to put up with such. Garbage in Garbage out, they get so hung up on themselves that they cant see the forest for the trees, and they conceive to do evil continually, and they despise the word of God, or any other word of peace. For they are a generation of vipers, and the evil deads of their father they will do. So if you get tired of the BS that comes from their mouths just go to your control panel and put them on your ignore list, then you wont have to see their babbling, everytime you have something you want to say. If they dont have anything to say but unholy words then shut their mouths for them.:clap2: This is right!

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