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    I see no need for this. Hell, I've yet to see the damned trolley run after they spent all that money tearing up the streets and shutting down the 4th Ave underpass forever.

    $63M in US funds make streetcar a go

    It's 10-15 minute walk from the UA to downtown- and I walk slowly. There's a trolley in place that they just spent $14.5M (taken from the funds used to maintain the roads) to revitalize that now goes from the UA main gate all the way downtown- and went almost that far before this waste of money!

    Not to mention that you can hop some half dozen buses from Dowtown to the UA and get to UMC to the river by walking 1/3 of a block to Boradway, taking the 8S, geting off downtown some 5 minutes later, and walking, catching or bus, or (before they shut it down due to lack of funds) hopping the red line TICET.

    I'm noting those names and making sure I vote for someone else....

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